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We've come a long way.

In 2018, we launched Q Experiences with the belief that other travellers would share the desire to experience authentic adventures in a responsible and sustainable manner.

QExperiences was started out by two young travel enthusiasts who loved to travel across the world, while traveling most of the places in India, they found out that the homestays and resorts lacked proper experience, and they had to find places to experience adventure and local food, nearby.

Nishanth B R and Indudhar Chowdary, two serial entrepreneurs saw this as an opportunity and need for the travel and tourism industry, where people can get local food, have a comfortable stay as well as have adventure activities and outing, all at one place as a package,

They started working with various homestays, and started noticing that the customers were not complete with their experience, they needed a spark to experience, maybe a Jeep ride in ghats? Maybe a water slide? Amidst a coffee plantation?

So they decided to start something on their own instead of settling for already existing homestays and working with them.

Around the staycation concept, they started off with Q Mango Forest, an Adventure camp with serene lake view near Bengaluru, providing over 22 different adventure activities, as well as camping experience amongst Mangrove, this became a hotspot for Bengalurians, for corporate team outings, camping experience for teenagers, and an adventure camp for a complete experience, then they expanded around Karnataka providing same experiential stays with Homestays and Resorts.

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